Qatar Medium Duty Shelving Rack

Meduim Duty Shelving Systems

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Warehouse Meduim Duty Shelving System with Multipurpose.
The Long Span Shelving System is the optimal system for manually storing medium-size products and Pallets. This product is versatile, selective, as it allows immediate access to all unit loads and/or references stored; and dynamic, since it is easily assembled and/or disassembled, and components are also easily replaced and/or added.

L2000 *W600 *H2400 mm
L2000 *W900 *H2400 mm
L2000 *W600 *H3000 mm
L2000 *W900 *H3000 mm

Load Capacity 1000Kgs /layer or 1500Kgs /layer
Multilayers 4 to 6 Layers
Surface Treatment Powder coating
Feature Corrosion Resisting
Color Orange & Blue Frame

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Product Info

The main features are:

  • - Load Capacity 1000Kgs /layer or 1500Kgs /layer
  • - Multilayers 3 to 6 Layers
  • - Feature Corrosion Resisting
  • - Color Blue