Hydraulic Bollard

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Main purpose is to make urban areas liveable once again; and can be used to protect particularly vulnerable places (such as shops, houses, etc.) against robbery or theft or to elegantly and quickly take control of hotel car parks, entrances of ministries and so on. Automatic rising bollards can work in all environmental conditions and their protection level makes them watertight. Each rising bollard has got following common features: reversibility, high static and dynamic load and high visibility.

Gate Barrier

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Gate barrier are designed to professionally control every type of access: car parks, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, exhibition centers, amusement parks, airports and railway stations, as well as all other types of small or large public facility. There are various technologies for an automatic boom barrier. One of them is electro-mechanical, which is widely used due to its reliability.
The other technologies are often manufacturer specific. These electro-mechanical device comes with 24VDC drive unit which can run continuously without generating heat, so electro-mechanical boom barriers can be operated continuously and in an intensive duty cycle.

Road Blocker

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Road Blocker is a high security hydraulic retractable obstacle. Its structure and its dimensions enable it to resist violent impacts. It will therefore be used to secure the entrances of sites where there is a risk of intrusion.

Tire Killer

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Tire-Killer is one of the high security vehicle access control systems. The Tire-Killer provides high security for sensitive areas (banks, military bases, airports, embassies etc.) against forced and unauthorized entry or exit of motor vehicles. Mechanical tire killer's tooth works individually and lowers to the ground as the vehicle passes over with the vehicle's weight. Tier Killer can be manufactured in different designs according to client’s demand.


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