Assembly Flexible Delineator Post

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A Flexible Delineator Post is installed to support road surface signs where the danger of traffic accidents is high and attentions are needed by drivers. The Delineator Post spatially divides traffic flow in both directions, catching the driver’s eyes to warn them of dangers.

Category: Road Safety
Tags: Assembly Flexible Delineator Post


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Product Info

Product Information:

Size: Ø250 x Ø80 x 750mm

Material: Soft Polyurethane

Key Features::

  • - Easy replacement for the upper guide post only with no special equipment. Semi-permanent use for the lower base.
  • - Ease to assemblet.
  • - Low maintenance costs with replacing upper guide post only.
  • - Designed to perform the best dynamic stability.
  • - Eco-friendly product and able to recycle.
  • - Durable.